Manufacturing Excellence

Founded by Mr. Ong Sin Yeow on August 11th, 1992, Classic Automotive Industries Sdn Bhd (CAISB) was established to provide high-quality OEM automotive parts for buses and trucks, specializing in the manufacturing and fabrication of metal parts such as brackets, supporters, crossmembers, fuel tank hangers and more. Besides automotive parts, we also manufacture parts for the Industrialized Building System (IBS).

With more than 30 years of experience, our reliability and credibility are proven by the continuous support from our clients and have been a major OEM parts supplier to most truck and bus assembly plants in Malaysia. 

We strive to continuously produce quality products at competitive prices and work towards excellence in both our services and products.

Why Choose Us

More than 30 Years of Experience

Top-Notch Quality Parts

On-Time Delivery

How We Do

At CAISB, we believe in quality management to ensure all the products we produced have met the quality and safety standards and are of OEM specifications . Quality checks are made at various stages of fabrication to ensure compliance with the truck assembly specification.

You can rest assured that all the products we produced are reliable and built to last.